Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

At St Therese's, we are a community that welcomes, that nourishes our Christian values, that prepares our children for lifelong learning and a place where friendships are forged with a hope for the future.

Mission Statement

To achieve our mission at St Therese's School we aim:

  • To nourish Christian values as a Catholic Community;
  • To recognise and develop each person's sense of self-worth;
  • To foster a genuine concern for others in the wider community and in the world in which we live;
  • To plan, organise and celebrate as a Eucharistic community;
  • To have the "Faith and Courage" to speak and act with responsible self-discipline;
  • To challenge and encourage our students to achieve their personal best in all endeavours;
  • To provide a friendly, stimulating, happy and secure environment where each child, teacher and adult is valued;
  • To welcome, respect and value people in all faiths and cultures;
  • To recognise the wide range and talents of our community and to allow these gifts to be "shared" with others;
  • To provide a caring community where little things matter.