Extra-Curricular Activities

Camps and Excursions

School camps are considered an essential element of the St Therese’s Catholic School curriculum. Camps are held annually for our Grades 3 – 6 students as part of our Outdoor Education Program. Through careful and detailed planning by staff, students are given opportunities to experience living away from the school and home environment in a way that teaches them the value of co-operative group work, the need to develop an awareness of God in their lives, and the skills necessary to live in different environments.

Some of our major aims and goals for students participating in our Outdoor Education Program include:

  • The development of character building with a strong Christian emphasis.
  • The development of an appreciation of the wonder of the world.
  • The development of skills to facilitate co-operative learning.
  • Linking all areas of the curriculum and, in particular, links to Religious Education, Science and Humanities.
  • To provide all children with the opportunity to participate in a sequential camping program.
  • To provide shared class experiences and a sense of group cohesiveness.
  • To reinforce and extend classroom learning
  • To provide a program that delivers skills and knowledge that may lead to a lifelong involvement in worthwhile leisure pursuits.
  • To provide a program that promotes self-esteem, resourcefulness, independence, leadership, judgement, cooperation, and tolerance.

The learning program for all classes at St Therese’s is also complemented by a range of diverse excursions throughout the year.

Apart from Physical Education classes throughout the year there is the opportunity to be involved in a number of extra-curricular sporting activities. These include soccer (from Prep), Netball and Football (Grade 5/6).

Music and Choir

Music education is an integral part of the Australian National Curriculum. In addition to the music program, students have the opportunity to be a part of our early years and senior choirs and percussion groups. Our students have also participated in school eisteddfods during the academic year.