Welcome to St Therese's Catholic School Moonah

St Therese’s Catholic School is a Catholic, co-educational school (K-6) that has provided a quality and Christ-centred education for students in the Moonah area and surrounds for over 80 years. Today, a dedicated and professional staff carry on the spirit and traditions of our founders, the Sisters of Saint Joseph. 

St Therese’s continues to respond to, and serve, the needs of parents who seek a Catholic education for their children. We aim to create an atmosphere in which both children and staff can grow, developing as a Catholic Community, loved by God. The School aims to extend this to a sense of belonging within the wider-community of home, school and parish.

St Therese's aims to provide a learning environment which is stimulating, positive and purposeful whilst catering for the social, physical, emotional, academic and spiritual needs of the students entrusted to our care. Our School Improvement Plan, policies and activities strive to develop, enhance and nurture each student’s talents and skills.

St Therese's offers a variety of opportunities for parents to work in partnership with the School, thereby strengthening the bonds between parents and staff. Parents are welcome to assist with classroom learning along with a myriad of activities that take place in and around the School. There are also more formal opportunities to be involved in the life of the school through the School Board or the School's Fundraising Group.

St Therese’s strives to integrate faith and life within the daily activities of the School. This is achieved through the adherence to Gospel values so that a warm, welcoming and supportive environment is created.